Job title: Limited Term Appointment in Intermedia
Position code: 21_LTA_STUDIO_M4
Application deadline: April 23, 2021
Advertised until: Position is filled

Position Description
The Intermedia program enjoys an excellent reputation in promoting contemporary intermedia practices related to video, performance and electronic arts. We are seeking applicants with an established record of exhibitions that focus on video art. Parallel experience in performance art and/or electronic arts is considered a strong asset. The ideal candidate will have a critical awareness of the discipline in relationship to a wide array of cultural, historical and theoretical contexts.

During the initial appointment, the successful candidate will normally be expected to teach up to six Intermedia courses (18 credits) at the undergraduate level, and up to seven undergraduate and graduate courses (21 credits) per annum if reappointed. The candidate should be prepared to supervise students in professional internships and independent studies and to undertake graduate supervision if required. Responsibilities will also include program stewardship and active involvement in committee and administrative work to further advance the Intermedia program, the MFA Intermedia concentration, and the Department of Studio Arts, as necessary.

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