Job title: Limited Term Appointment in Acting for the Theatre
Position code: 21_LTA_THEA_M
Application deadline: April 23, 2021
Advertised until: Position is filled

Position Description
This position is open to any qualified individual who self-identifies as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Colour (BIPOC). This hire is part of the Theatre Departmentís commitment to increasing representation by BIPOC faculty in the department, in recognition of historic underrepresentation of non-White faculty in higher education in Canada.

The successful candidate will be expected to teach primarily in the BFA Specialization in Acting for the Theatre (ACTT). During the initial appointment, they will normally be assigned a teaching load of six courses (18 credits) at the undergraduate level, and up to seven courses per annum if reappointed. Teaching duties will include fundamental and advanced acting courses (including topics and/or specialized skills aligned with the candidateís interests and expertise), and directing productions of published scripts and/or original works of theatre (chosen by the candidate in collaboration with colleagues in the department). Other responsibilities will include: serving as the ACTT Academic Advisor and Area Coordinator; mentoring students; attending weekly full-time faculty meetings, including helping colleagues to conceive and implement decolonizing strategies; serving on departmental committees, including serving on, or collaborating with, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee to mediate and advocate for students; and participating actively in auditions, workshops and open houses for potential students.

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