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About the University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is located in the heart of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The University is home to world-changing research and inspiring teaching. Founded in 1957, the university has made discoveries in science, medicine and engineering.

The University of Waterloo currently instructs 29,000 undergrads and 4,800 grads with 1,100 faculty. The University has the largest faculty of engineering in Canada, the largest actuarial science program in North America and the largest concentration of quantum information research in the world.  It also has the world’s first kinesiology department, Canada’s only English-language School of Optometry and a leading psychology department.

About the Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts is located on the East Campus Hall, with various studios and lecture theatres. In this setting, students experience a sense of community with their fellow students and the faculty, even though the University has a large campus overall. The department regularly hosts visiting artists and scholars to talk to students and to share their expertise. There are organized trips to visit galleries in Chicago, New York, Montreal and Toronto.

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Fine Arts has three undergraduate disciplines, offering major and minor degrees in Studio, Art History and Visual Culture, and Film Studies and Visual Culture. Students can concentrate in a variety of mediums like drawing, painting, sculpture, print, photography, and

digital imaging, in the largest component Studio. There are two streams in Studio at the fourth year Honours level. Graduates may go on to careers as artists, designers, illustrators, animators, art historians, teachers, writers, film makers, art librarians and art administrators in galleries and museums. Art History and Visual Culture, and Film Studies and Visual Culture explore art and film in modern society, drawing on the expertise of faculty in Fine Arts and incorporating courses taught in the Faculty of Arts and in Architecture. Programs offer a foundation in the visual arts.

Master of Fine Arts Program

The Keith and Win Shantz Summer Internship Program offers an opportunity to study with an established artist anywhere in the world. This gives full-time graduate students the chance to earn their MFA and travel at the same time.