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About Red Deer College

Red Deer College (RDC) is a public community college with 7,000 students in attendance. The campus is located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in the corridor between Edmonton and Calgary. Established in 1964, RDC was built for a semi-rural community but the city has now grown into the third largest in the province. The college fosters learning with smaller class sizes, hands-on learning and dedicated instructors who are accessible and interested in their students’success. The College has over 75 available programs, affordable tuition, residence and parking rates.


About Bachelor of Fine Art

RDC’s Bachelor of Fine Art program offers a comprehensive program of studies for those considering a career or general education in visual art.

The program provides a concentrated visual arts foundation in a two-year timeframe. The first year emphasizes experience in painting, drawing, design, ceramics, sculpture, art history, and English. A broad range of visual experiences helps students form a visual arts vocabulary and master skills in composition and technical areas.

Emphasis in the second year is on creative growth and visual maturity in studio work. The instructors in the Visual Art Department are themselves practising artists. Studios are fully equipped for ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and design.

Throughout the past 30 years, hundreds of BFA graduates from RDC have successfully transferred to all of the major universities and art colleges across Canada and completed their BFA degree. Many have gone on further and now have their MFA degree and are practicing artists, art teachers and art professors.

Program Content

Year 1
  • ART Visiting Artists
  • ART Art History I and II
  • ART Visual Fundamentals I & II
  • ART Drawing I and II
  • ART Two Dimensional Studies - Painting I
  • ART Three Dimensional Studies - Ceramics I
  • ART Three Dimensional Studies- Sculpture I
  • English One term course at the 200 level.
Year 2
  • ART Visiting Artists
  • ART Drawing III and IV

Two studio electives from the following:

  • ART Painting II and III
  • ART Ceramics II and III
  • ART Printmaking (Two will be offered each year)
  • ART Sculpture II and III

One term academic option

  • English One term course at the 200 level
  • Two term University transfer academic option (preferably a 300 level Art History)