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About the University

McGill University was founded in 1821 and has since grown from a small college to a busy university. McGill is located in Montreal, Québec, Canada. McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada, and McGill consistently ranks among the world's finest universities.



About the Schulich School of Music

The Schulich School of Music of McGill University was founded in 1904. The school embodies the highest international standards of professional training and research. The school has the reputation as one of the major music schools in North America, with 850 students, from Quebec, Canada and abroad. The School provides programs in orchestra, opera, jazz, early music and contemporary music. It is a leader in sound recording and music technology.

Schulich School of Music Facts

  • 240 professors
  • 700+ public performances per year
  • 5 orchestras (2 full, 1 opera, 1 baroque, 1 contemporary)
  • 4 performing arts halls
  • 100 practice rooms
  • 275 bursaries, scholarships and fellowships awarded annually

Department of Music Research

  • B.Mus. (Major) available in: Music Composition; Music History; Music Theory
  • B.Mus. and B.Ed. Concurrent Program
  • B.Mus. Faculty Program
  • M.A. in Music thesis option available in: Music Education; Music Technology; Musicology; Music Theory; Music Theory/Gender and Women's Studies
  • M.A. in Music non-thesis option available in: Music Education; Musicology; Music Theory
  • M.Mus. available in: Music Composition (thesis); Sound Recording (non-thesis)
  • D.Mus. available in: Music Composition
  • Ph.D. available in: Music Composition; Music Technology; Music Education; Musicology; Sound Recording; Music Theory; Gender and Women's Studies

performance room

Department of Music Performance

  • B.Mus. (Major) available in: Early Music Performance; Piano; Voice; Jazz Performance; All other instruments
  • L.Mus. available in: Jazz Performance; Piano; Voice; All other instruments
  • Art.Dip. available in: Voice; All other instruments