About Concordia

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Concordia is well-known across Canada and internationally as an institution that approaches societal issues from a broad perspective. Its more than 46,000 students are taught to analyze information and experiences with academic rigour and intellectual honesty in a pluralistic context.

Welcoming students and faculty with an enriching academic and social environment, Concordia offers 533 undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees, diplomas and certificates in four Faculties, a School of Graduate Studies, and a School of Extended Learning.


Concordia is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The name of the university comes from the motto of the City of Montreal, “Concordia Salus,” which means “well-being through harmony.”

Concordia University was formally established on August 24, 1974 through the merger of Loyola College (1896) and Sir George Williams University (1926). It now houses over 46,000 students in various academic disciplines and programs.


Faculty of Fine Arts


Undergraduate programs

The Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia offers 58 Undergraduate programs, including minors, majors, specializations, and co-op programs. Concordia offers an unparalleled range of programs in the visual, performing, cinematic, design and electronic arts. Here, the faculty strives to create an environment that reflects the openness and diversity of contemporary culture, with a strong commitment to integrating new technologies, traditional media and historical fine arts practices. Not only are the Fine Arts staff members renowned on the national and international stages, but are active and engaged with the Montreal community.

Green Screen

In addition to offering undergraduate and graduate programs, the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia also recognizes the importance of Fine Arts in a broad sense. Thus, Concordia offers Fine Arts courses to non-Fine Arts students. This kind of flexibility and forward-thinking is only part of the attraction and prestige of Concordia University.


Fine Arts Departments

The Faculty of Fine Arts is unique in Canada.  Concordia offers the country's widest range of fine arts programs in one faculty.